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 FCSS Transportation Department
5961 Old Highway 76
Blue Ridge, GA 30513
(706) 632-7802
(706) 632-0068 - fax


    Chris Drury

Director of Transportation

& Student Conduct

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Denver Foster

Denver Foster
Shop Foreman
ASE Master School Bus Technician

Denise Messer

Denise Messer

Tom Cook

Tom Cook
ASE Master School Bus Technician

Rodney Ensley
Rodney Ensley

Bus Inspector

Tommy Jourdan

Tommy Jourdan
Transportation Coordinator

Here Comes the Bus
Sharing the Road with School Buses
Click here to find out more about the law concerning sharing the road with school buses

Bus Safety Tips


Be at your stop 5 minutes early!

LOOK, left and right, before you cross the road!

Wait until bus stops and door opens before moving toward the bus

Always sit bottom-to-bottom and back-to-back

Stay away from the Danger Zone

Stand 10 feet off the roadway

If you drop something NEVER go back to pick it up

Use the handrail

Keep aisle clear

Be SILENT at ALL railroad crossings

Keep your eyes on the driver

NEVER run after a moving bus Always use quiet inside voices

Keep book bag in lap at all times

Stop Arm
Georgia Association for Public Transportation
School Bus