District Leadership

Dr. Michael Gwatney


Dr. Michael Gwatney

Sarah Rigdon

Sarah Rigdon

Deputy Superintendent

Achievement & Governance

  • Director of PK - 12 curriculum
  • District assessment coordinator
  • District Charter administrator
  • Board policy/admin regulations
  • School Governance Team liaison
  • DSIT Chair/Leadership development coordinator
  • Accreditation (SACS/GAC) coordinator
  • L4GA/Federal programs: Title I-A/IV-A
  • Chamber of Commerce representative
  • Academic coach/Parent liaison coordinator
  • QBE program manager (Gifted/ESOL)
  • Professional learning coordinator
Darren Danner

Darren Danner

Assistant Superintendent

Facilities and Operations

  • Director of public safety/emergency management
  • School resource officer (SRO) coordinator
  • Workplace safety committee coordinator
  • SPLOST fund coordinator
  • Project planning and construction manager
  • Bids, negotiations,  and contracts facilitator
  • Maintenance program coordinator/supervisor
  • Facilities and construction coordinator
  • District calendar committee coordinator
Robert Ensley

Robert Ensley

Assistant Superintendent

Personnel & Administration 

  • Director of personnel/human resources/Title IX
  • Professional standards/ethics coordinator
  • New personnel induction/remediation
  • TKES/LKES coordinator/employee evaluations
  • Workers compensation administrator
  • GSBA Local Board Training coordinator
  • Disciplinary tribunals/hearing officer
  • Public information requests/district spokesperson
  • Travel program administrator
  • Professional certification coordinator
  • Frontline program administrator
Heather Finley

Heather Finley

Director of Instructional Technology

  • Chief technology and information officer
  • Technology-related professional learning
  • Technology-related grants/E-Rate management
  • FTE/CPI/student information coordinator
  • Media services coordinator
  • Security officer (MyGaDOE)
  • Internet/network/social media compliance
  • District social media coordinator
  • Mass notification coordinator
  • Teacher mentoring/Title-IIA/PQ coordinator
  • Title V-B coordinator
Denver Foster

Denver Foster

Director of Transportation 

  • Transportation program administrator
  • Bus route coordinator
  • Fleet maintenance management
  • Transportation shop foreman
  • Workplace safety committee member
  • Calendar committee member
  • Driver standards and compliance
Shannon Miller

Shannon Miller

Director of Student Services

  • Special education administrator
  • Section 504 coordinator
  • Title VI-B IDEA coordinator
  • Pre-K coordinator
  • MTSS coordinator
  • PBIS coordinator
  • Homebound coordinator
  • DFCS liaison
Lucas Roof

Director of Applied & Integrated Instruction

Lucas Roof

  • District CTAE coordinator
  • STEM/STEAM Coordinator
  • Attendance Support Team coordinator
  • Development Authority Board representative
  • Fannin Regional Board representative
  • School nurse program coordinator
  • School counselor coordinator
  • Post-secondary/higher education liaison
  • Workplace safety committee member
Candace Sisson

Director of School Nutrition

Candice Sisson  

  • Nutrition program administrator
  • Family Connections representative
  • Public relations/events coordinator
  • Teacher of the Year coordinator
  • Workplace safety committee member
  • Board of Education minutes coordinator
  • REACH scholarship coordinator
  • Wellness committee coordinator
  • Calendar committee member 
Susan Wynn

Director of Finance

Susan Wynn

  • Chief financial officer/administrator
  • Annual budget and millage preparation
  • Grants, bids, and contracts management
  • Coordination of all financial audits
  • Workers compensation injuries
  • Maintenance of all public records
  • SPLOST funding manager
  • Coordinator of school activity accounts
  • Frontline program coordinator

All district leaders, as well as principals and academic coaches, are required to attend and participate in the District School Improvement Team (DSIT)

Assistant superintendents, directors, and principals should attend and participate in regular monthly Board of Education meetings unless otherwise exempted.